Email Jackie Collins at starlingtalk
if you would like to join her Starling Talk Message Board.


Are you a pet European starling owner who would like to meet other starling owners with whom you can share about your bird? Or have you recently rescued a baby European starling and need advice about what to feed it and how to care for it?

If you answered “Yes” to either question, there is a fantastic place on the Internet designed specifically for you! It is the Starling Talk Message Board! The message board’s forums offer European starling owners and Malaysia Bus Ticket an informative, friendly, relaxing atmosphere where they can gather together and chat about their birds or where they can ask questions and receive prompt expert advice.

What will you find at the Starling Talk Message Board? The forums there are run by Jackie Collins, a former federally permitted wildlife rehabber with many years of experience raising starlings and other wild birds. Jackie gives attention to all who need help. Dr. Vanessa Rolfe, esteemed avian veterinarian, is available to address starling health problems.

In addition to the main discussion forum, there are forums regarding starling health, starling nutrition, starling photos, and even a place to chat about anything you like. Starling Talk’s Message Board is the place to be if you own a pet European starling! New members are always welcome.

Joining Starling Talk’s Message Board is quick and easy. Simply send an email to Jackie Collins at You will enjoy your experience at the Starling Talk Message Board and will learn lots of care and feeding tips as well as other general information about starlings.

Sign up today! Your starling will thank you.

Guidelines for the Starling Talk Message Board
New Members please read.

1. Please read the Starling Talk website for information before posting a question. Also try doing a search in the message board archives. In the spring we do not have time to answer lots of posts asking what to feed a baby bird when such information is readily available on the Starling Talk site.

2. After becoming a member, please post a note introducing yourself. Longtime board members need to remember that they were once helped by members and should try to help out the newbies in return. New members who have not posted in two weeks will be moved to inactive status.

3. Respect each other. List members come from different political, cultural, and religious backgrounds. We are here to talk about our starlings. There will be no name calling, comments, or innuendoes intended to hurt or demean members of this forum. Personal attacks are not tolerated.

4. Disagreeing is not the same as disrespect. It questions a concept. We can discuss the issue and share our reasoning, but we want accuracy. We will challenge statements, so you need to be prepared to back up any statement with some evidence other than your opinion, showing that your statements are accurate or have some merit. Without back-up information it is only opinion. A lively debate is always welcome as long as you debate the issue and do not attack the person posting.

5. Have the subject line of your post reflect its contents. This is important because list members use the subject line to determine whether or not to read a post. Start new threads if the subject changes.

6. Trolls will be banned. Trolls join forums to cause discord. They bait the members with comments and innuendoes. If you see a post which fits the behavior of a troll, do not respond to it. Email one of the moderators to handle it.

7. Posts will be deleted if, in the opinion of the moderators, they are in poor taste.

8. Do not join the list and then tell us how to run it. If you are not comfortable with the way it is run, there are many more discussion lists for bird people on the Internet.

9. All new memberships require a pop email account; accounts such as Hotmail will not be accepted.

These guidelines can be adjusted as necessary. Enjoy your time at the Starling Talk Message Board!